Shaving Policy

Cats have very thin skin, making shaving their fur riskier than many other pets. Unlike dogs where their groomers can use a number of different sizes and types of blades, cats must be clipped very short to prevent the clipper blade from catching on the skin and causing clipper burn, nicks, or cuts. As cats age their skin becomes thinner and more frail, making the risks of shaving even higher. Whenever possible we avoid giving a lion cut to older cats.

At Trilling Cat we prefer to prevent matting, pelting, and other coat issues. We are happy to discuss your cat's coat with you and make recommendations for home care as well as recommend a schedule for professional grooming. Mats are painful, pulling on the cat's skin. Once mats form they will get larger quickly and become out of control. It is important to your cat's health as well as comfort to prevent mats from forming.

Due to the higher risk of injury, we prefer to consider alternative solutions when a lion cut is requested. Often the problem can be solved without shaving. However, when a cat is matted or pelted shaving is the only humane option to remove the dead fur and get the cat comfortable. Trilling Cat will provide a lion cut one time to a cat that is badly matted or pelted. During the appointment we will discuss how to prevent future matting of your cat. If the same cat is presented again for a lion cut due to matting or pelting, we may choose not to groom the cat.

One alternative to shaving a lion cut is to give the cat a Teddy Bear cut. This requires additional equipment that includes a guard keeping the clipper blade a little farther from the cat's skin. Teddy Bear cuts normally leave approximately 1/2 inch of fur.

If you have questions about this policy, please complete the Contact Us form and we will gladly reach out and answer them.

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