Favorite Cat Products

Below are some of the products my cats and I use that are among our favorites. These items are all things I have recommended to friends and clients. Most of them solve a specific problem or meet a special need.

PortionPro Rx

We love these feeders! Having multiple cats with different diet needs can make life challenging. These feeders have made my life easier while everyone gets the correct food. When I purchased mine, Cadi was on a senior diet that includes joint supplements to help with the inflammation of arthritis. Madrigal is on a weight control diet so that she keeps her girlish figure. Vivo Fugue needs easy to digest foods and is on a hydrolyzed protein diet. There would be no way I could keep them out of each other's food without PortionPro Rx. An added bonus - I have them programmed to dispense the first meal of the day about a half hour before my alarm goes off. The girls have full bellies and are busy grooming when I get up! No more tripping over cats begging for breakfast.

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Maine coon cat eating from SurePet SureFeeder


While PortionPro is Ellen's choice for kibble, SureFeed microchip feeders are her choice for wet food. The door to the feeder only opens for a cat whose microchip is programmed in. If another cat approaches it will not open. The feeder can be programmed so that multiple cats may use it. There is also a SureBowl if you have a single cat or cats who share. The lid closes after the pet moves away. This keeps the food moist longer and controls which pets have access.

SurePet Feeders


I use my iCalmCat speaker both in the salon and at home. During the pandemic I've been using it for the human music as well as for the cats. iCalmCat has music for calming, noise phobias and stimulation. The tempo and range are optimized for our cats' hearing and biorhythms. I like the size and versatility of my iCalmCat speaker. I put some of my favorite music on micro SD cards and can take the speaker from room to room for listening. It also allows me to connect my phone using the Bluetooth feature and listen to my favorite music app. Human and dog music are available as well. The downloads can be used on a device you already own.

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Cat Furniture by Hous of Paws

Hous of Paws is a small family business right here in North Carolina that makes beautiful cat furniture. It is solid wood with several choices of colors. The detailing is exquisite and all pieces are tested and approved by the cats in their own cattery. One of the things I love most is that the pieces are modular allowing you to create what works best for you and your cat, and you can add on later. The current website (as of May 2023) does not do justice to these beautiful pieces, but they are working diligently to update it.

Hous of Paws
My favorite and most used combs.

Combs (Not Brushes)

I'm frequently asked what type of brushes I use. My answer is I don't, I only use combs! Combs do a better job of getting through all the hair and down to the skin. They can get out small tangles before they become a big problem mat. Combs are easier to clean. Most important my cats love being combed! If I were to recommend one comb for cat owners, it would be a greyhound style comb. My favorite combs are Chris Christensen as they get the most loose hair out of the coat, and my favorite number comb is 000. My favorite place to shop online for combs:

Maine coon kitten Madrigal at play

Trupanion Pet Insurance

I can't say enough good about having my cats covered by Trupanion! No insurance is perfect, but this comes pretty close for me. They have literally saved the lives of more than one of my cats! While it does not cover preventative care like vaccines, it does cover illness and injury. The thing I like most is the difference from human health insurance. Your deductible is per incident, not year. Cadi has arthritis, and met her deductible the day it was diagnosed. Trupanion has been paying 90% of her care (except office visits) since! They pay for her meds, acupuncture, follow-up diagnostic tests, and all that stuff she needs to feel her best!

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