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Grooming in a Feline Exclusive Salon.
Coming Soon!! Feline Exclusive Lodging.
Maine coon cat

Trill:  A warbling sound made by cats and frequently used as a greeting, trilling is a sign of happiness and affection. Give your cat a reason to trill by providing comfort and trust as well as a beautiful appearance.

Make Living With Your Cat Even Better

Advantages of regular professional grooming include:

Reduce Shedding

For less time spent vacuuming and cleaning

Cleaner Bedding

Your cat's bed will be cleaner.  And if your cat is like most, so will yours!  This means less laundry.

No More Painful Mats

Mats can be painful for your cat.  Let us get rid of them safely and humanely.

Maine coon cat tail up strutting

Fewer Hairballs

And who likes cleaning up those? Yuck.

No More Odors

Regular bathing helps keep your cat smelling good and feeling soft and cuddly.

Did I Mention Mats?

Mats prevent the skin underneath from staying healthy. They need to be removed to prevent infection.

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Grooming Hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
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