Favorite Cat Care Sites

These are my go-to sites when I'm looking for information about caring for my cats. We all know we can just Google our question. Unfortunately Google does not have a degree in veterinary medicine, animal behavior, cat nutrition, or any other pet related field. The organizations that maintain the sites below do!

Fear Free Happy Homes

Fear Free Happy Homes is for pet owners who want their pets to live happy, healthy, full lives. Registration is required, but access to everything on the website is free!

Check them out for yourself by clicking here
Maine coon cat chillaxin after a groom.

Cat Friendly

The Cat Friendly Website is maintained by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. These are the vets that have a special interest in cats. This site has great health care information and is kept up to date based on the latest information and research available.

Check out the Cat Friendly website by clicking here.

NC State Feline Health Center

Our own North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine here in Raleigh has a Feline Health Center. Visit their website to learn about clinical trials, feline centric events, and the latest news on their research. The Inaugural Feline Health Symposium was awesome!

Check out what's happening locally at the NC State Feline Health Center

Ohio State Indoor Pet Initiative

The Vet School at Ohio State maintains this website with a summary of needs for indoor cats to live a full life and not become a kitty couch potato.

Indoor Pet Initiative for Cats
Maine coon cat Cadi with comb cut

Cat OA Check List

The College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University has been doing research about pain in cats with degenerative joint disease including osteo arthritis. The have created a quick checklist for cat parents to determine if their cat is one of the many suffering from joint pain.

Cat OA Check List

Every Cat

Every Cat was previously called the Winn Foundation. I am including this website not only for the information but for the good work they do. This is the only organization that provides grants and scholarships specifically for research about cat health. Other pet charities include dogs, and in many cases the majority of the donations are used for the study of canine health. Here's to a charity for cats!

Click here is you're interested in seeing the work being done by Every Cat
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