Our Grooming Services

As a feline only salon, Trilling Cat offers you a lower stress option for your cat's grooming needs. As a Fear Free Elite Certified professional, Ellen believes in prioritizing your cat's needs with your wants. We always perform the services that will enhance your cat's health and comfort first.

While we would love to have every cat leave the salon looking like the star they are, health and comfort will always be our priority. We may also request you allow us to divide a groom into multiple appointments so that the comfort shaving can be done at the first appointment, and any additional shaving and the bathing will be done at a separate appointment. For cats that have mats covering 25% of their body or more, we require the groom be split into two appointments.

This is important to keep in mind when you request a lion cut or other shaving services. The clippers are the most frightening part of a groom for most cats, even scarier then the dreaded bath. So if your cat has mats or pelting, we shave those out first since they can be painful and may also be hiding sores or infection. Additional shaving is only done if the cat is not overly anxious after removing the mats or pelts. For cat that are not matted, we may not do any shaving at the first groom.

A copy of the current rabies vaccination certificate is required prior to rending services for any cat. No appointments are confirmed until we have the proof of current rabies.

This cat was in for his second ever groom, and happy he had no mats this time!  His coat will only keep looking better with regular bathing.

Sebastian is getting sleepy as he waits for his ride home. He's very relaxed and feeling fluffy after his groom.

Ragdoll cat playing with a cat dancer toy after being comb cut.

Brando enjoys some play time during his break. We love allowing fun time while cats are here!

Short haired red classic tabby cat stretching at the window to watch the birds.

Cuzco spots the busy bird feeder when he checks out the window for his mom. He's feeling good after his groom.

Basic Groom

Our Basic Groom is the base service we recommend for all cats. The Basic Groom includes bathing, blow drying, nail trim, ear and face cleaning, and combing.

Maine coon cat Cadi wrapped in a towel after her bath.

Additional Services

All Additional Services are only available with the Basic Groom, and the prices are in addition to the Basic Groom cost.
Sanitary Trim

The inside of the thighs and the center of the legs are shaved to make cleaning after a potty break easier for your cat.

Half Belly Shave

Similar to a Sanitary Trim, the Half Belly Shave continues up the stomach to about the belly button. Great for cats that get mats on their knees and up into their belly area.

Full Belly Shave

The Full Belly Shave is wonderful for those cats with matting arm pits! It is a Half Belly Shave that continues up the stomach to their arms. If there is matting into the bib, we continue shaving through the matted areas.

Lion Cut

A Lion Cut will give your cat a fresh start. This is what we recommend for cats with large or extensive matting or pelting. Your cat's head and legs will be left natural, and the tail will be left long if not matted. Or the tail can be in the pom-pom style if it is matted. Lion cuts are close shaves, leaving your cat with a very short coat.

Long haired tuxedo cat with a lion cut and her tail left long
Comb Cut (not available at the first groom)

If your cat has been groomed at Trilling Cat within the past 8 weeks, we can offer a Comb Cut. The shape is similar to a Lion Cut without being as short. Most Comb Cuts leave the length of the coat at about 1/2 inch.

Toe Tuft Trim

Some cats, primarily long haired, have toe tufts. While this is normally not an issue, some cats need a little help. For the cat that is getting older and having trouble slipping on slick floors, or the ones that just can't get all the litter out from between the toes, we offer the Toe Tuft Trim.

Soft Paws Application (Front Only or All Four Paws)

Soft Paws are nail caps that fit over your cats natural nails and are glued onto the nail itself. They provide extra protection for cats that are aggressive scratchers and swatters. The nail caps last from 4 to 8 weeks, typically longer for cats that are used to wearing them.

Front Paws Only $10, All Four Paws $18
This little exotic cat is quite the handsome boy with just a touch of color mixed in with the white of his muzzle.

Additional Fees

Additional Fees are charged for cats that are in need of extra time. This is typically due to the condition of their coat or their temperament.


While a few small mats and tangles may be expected at most grooms, if your cat has large mats, pelting, or more than a few mats we do charge based on the time to remove the mats.

Starting at $50
Fecal Removal

While some cats are not as fastidious as others, some are just plain dirty. Fecal stuck in the fur may also be an issue for a matted or pelted cat. We do sympathize with the problem, however, it is hard on our equipment so we need to charge an additional fee.

Pelt Removal

When the mats on a cat become so large they start to merge together, this is referred to as pelting. Pelting must be removed for the health and well being of the cat, but is very difficult and time consuming process.

Starting at $100.00. The more often we see the same cat pelted, the higher the fee!
Biter Fee

We understand that some cats are frightened, some are painful, and some are both. We try very hard to find a way to groom your cat that is safe for both the cat and groomer. Sometimes there is no getting around the fact that we need to charge for an assistant and for the extra time and risk.

Starting at $25.00
Flea or Parasite Fee

All cats should be on a monthly preventative for fleas and heartworms. If your cat is not, I suggest contacting your veterinarian and using a product they recommend. If your cat brings an active flea or other insect infestation to the salon, we will need to charge a fee in order to eliminate those left behind. We do not treat your cat for fleas or offer flea baths. This charge is to exterminate the salon.

This red classic tabby's markings show up great after a groom.  Notice the butterfly pattern over his shoulders.

Nail Trims

If your cat needs nail trims between groomings, we're happy to do them. We will also trim nails on approved cats that are not grooming clients.

Nail Trim for Client Cats

If your cat has been groomed at Trilling Cat within the last 6 months, we will gladly trim the nails between grooms.

Nail Trim for Approved Non-Client Cats

Interested in having a nail trim at Trilling Cats? Call to see if your cat can be approved.

Soft Paws Application

We are happy to apply Soft Paws while your cat is with us for a nail trim. This service is available for both Front Paws Only and for All Four Paws.

Rates listed above for Soft Paw Applicaton under Additional Services apply in addition to the charge for the nail trim.

Trilling Cat accepts credit cards, checks and cash. Returned checks will be assessed a $50 fee. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered.

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