Information and Suggestions To Make Your Cat's Stay Comfortable


All medications must be brought in the original container that they were dispensed in by the veterinarian or pharmacy. Do not place any pills in unlabeled containers, bags with food, or secondary container. We do not charge additional for providing oral or transdermal medication up to two times daily. We do want to be sure your cat is getting everything he or she needs. It is also important to have these containers to take with us if for any reason we need to get medical care for your cat.

Personal Items

Should you bring any toys, bedding, or other personal items with your cat please be sure they are labeled with your cat's name and your last name in such as way that this will not wash off. We will make every effort to return any personal items clean and in a like condition to which they arrived. However, sometimes items are lost or ruined during stays so do not leave anything for your cat that would create a problem if it were lost or destroyed. Your cat may not chew or display other destructive behaviors at home, but sometimes the stress of staying away from home can cause a cat to behave differently during their stay. Trilling Cat is not liable for any accident or injury resulting from ingestion or destruction of toys requested to be left with your cat.

Diet and Feeding

If your cat is on a prescription diet, please be sure to bring adequate food for your cat's stay. Note that extra should be included in case you are delayed returning, or for any reason we need to provide additional meals. If we are not provided with sufficient food we will feed your cat our house diet. If your cat is on a prescription diet, we may at our discretion order food and you will be charged for the bag. Any remaining food purchased for your cat will be sent home with you.

We do not feed raw diets. If your cat is on a raw diet at home, please note that we will feed a combination of kibble and canned cat food during their stay. We will not accept any raw food to be kept or fed in our facility.


All cats must be brought in a hard sided carrier. Wire crates and soft carriers are not accepted. Carriers should not be larger than 2' wide x 2' deep x 20" high. The carrier your cat arrives in has the smells from home. Many cats will rest inside their carrier or sit on top of it while they take in the scent of their home and family. In addition to providing comfort, your cat's carrier is critical in the event of an evacuation. If for any reason Trilling Cat Inn & Spa must be evacuated, your cat can safely be taken out in their own carrier.

Preventing Fleas, Ticks, and Other Parasites

We highly recommend year round flea, tick, and heartworm prevention for all cats living in or visiting North Carolina. If your cat brings fleas, ticks, or other external parasites into the Inn, we will take immediate action to prevent spread to our other guests. Your cat(s) will be treated with the over-the-counter preventative of our choice, usually either Capstar or Frontline. You will be charge for the preventative. In addition there will be a $75 fee to exterminate the Inn. If your cat is not on a preventative please start one at least 7 days prior to the start of boarding to prevent incurring these additional costs.

Drop Off and Pick Up

A date and time for both dropping off your cat as well as picking up must be made. This will ensure someone is available for check-in and check-out and that your cat is subjected to the least amount for stress during the transition. If your cat's stay is for more than 10 days, a deposit of 50% will be required at drop off. We expect payment in full of the remaining balance at the time your cat is picked up.

If you have authorized someone to pick up your cat for you, please be sure they are aware of the pickup date and time, and arrangements are made to pay for your cats' stay.

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