Our Inn's Lodging Services

Turbo is in a suite with  a cat tree.  The lower shelf has been removed and the Trilling Cat Cot is on the high shelf.

Turbo is enjoying the comfort of one of our suites. All of them are 3 feet wide by 5 feet deep and about 6 feet high. Vertical space is just as important to cats as the floor space. This suite has been configured for his love of climbing and being higher up. The lower shelf has been removed, and a cat tree has been added. The Trilling Cat Cot has been placed on the top shelf to allow a comfortable sleeping area at a height he prefers. Turbo can hide in the cubes of the tree, and he has plenty of room for the jumbo litter box in the back of the suite. There are several options for placing food and water bowls away from the litter box and conveniently accessible. The high shelf is an easy step from the back of the top perch on the tree.

Turbo takes a break on the Trilling Cat Cot provided in the suite.

If you are looking for a safe, comfortable place for your cat to board, Trilling Cat is here for you. As a feline exclusive Inn and Spa, we cater to cats. We know that being in a strange place can make many cats anxious. Our goal is to make your cat's stay as stress free as possible.  As a Cat Friendly Advocate, Ellen's training in cat friendly handling enables us to recognize any anxiety your cat may exhibit and try to reduce it as much as possible through gentle handling and making sure their suite meets their particlar needs. Her training as an Elite Fear Free Certified professional  enables us to provide a calm environment away from home.

In our feline exclusive environment, your cat will only be around other cats and humans. They will not need to hear or smell animals that may be either their predator or prey. Most cats become stressed when put in a new environment until they determine it is safe. By not allowing other species in the facility they will never have to wonder what other animal is near by, and most cats will acclimate more quickly.

Our custom made suites are modular so they may be outfitted to each guest's needs. From kitten to geriatric, we can configure your cat's suite for their comfort. Each suite can have two large perching shelves. Ramps are available for those cats who want to be higher up but aren't able to jump. The perches and ramps can be removed if for some reason your cat should not be jumping or sitting in high places.

Each suite has a large litter box, a Trilling Cat Cot, a hiding spot, food and water bowls, and toys. Multiple litter boxes, food and water stations are set up in suites where multiple cats are staying. Cats sharing a suite must be from the same family. We also have small litter boxes for any kittens, and senior boxes for those cats that have trouble getting into boxes with high sides.

Meals may be served in anti-whisker fatigue food bowls for our guests' dining pleasure. We also offer higher sided food bowls for those cats who must to have kibble available at all times. Our water bowls are non-skid to assist in keeping your cat's suite dry.

We offer a variety of toys left in the suite for individual play. In addition, team members will spend quality time with your cat each day. Quality time is with cats from the same family only. We believe quality time should be enjoyable and not something forced on your cat, so a team member will determine what interests your cat at that time. Some cats will want to come out of their suite, stretch their legs, and explore the play corner in the spa. We will offer to play with your cat, see if they are wanting some cuddles, or perhaps they'd just like to be pampered with a yummy treat. Others will want to stay in their suite where they have determined they are safe. For those cats we will go into their suite and check if they would like to be petted, talked to, play, or just have a yummy treat. It's your cat's choice!

To make reservations for your cat(s) to stay at Trilling Cat Inn, please follow the instructions on our Inn Reservations page.

Prices are per night and include all suite cleaning, feedings, quality time, and administering oral medication up to two times daily. If your cat needs non-oral medication or oral medication more than twice daily please ask for a price quote.

First cat in suite: $38 per night
Second cat in same suite: additional $15 per night
Third cat in same suite: additional $12 per night

Trilling Cat reserves the right to separate cats into different suites should behavior become a problem.

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