Trilling Cat Cots

Ragdoll cat on the top bunk of a Trilling Cat double cot

I made my first cot when one of my cats became arthritic. My cots are low enough to the floor for cats to step on and off easily, but have enough height so that the hammock does not touch the floor with a Maine coon laying on it. Since making that first cot, I've found cats of all ages and sizes enjoy lounging and napping in them. I eventually came up with a bunk bed style double cot. Ours is normally out on my catio. We have a Trilling Cat Cot in each suite of the Inn, and our repeat guests frequently go immediately to their cot. The pictures below will give you an idea of some of our styles and how much use cats will get out of a Trilling Cat Cot.

The owner of Roscoe, a nineteen year old cat, said, "Roscoe thanks you for his cot.  He LOVES the cot.  The first day, he sniffed every part of the cot.  On the 2nd day, he was satisfied, and has been using it since then.  He hasn't slept on it yet, but the cot is his go-to place to clean himself, and then he sits on it to survey his 'fiefdom'.  Also, I have placed it next to his pillow bed so he hops onto the bed from the cot, and then from the bed back to the cot, and so on.  He is exercising of sorts."

The frames come in several colors. We use furniture grade PVC so that your frame will maintain its color and shine, even in those sunny spots your cat loves! Each Trilling Cat Cot comes with the frame and fleece fabric hammock. The cots can be taken apart for cleaning, and the hammocks can be machine washed and dried. Extra hammocks are available for purchase. Our fabrics change regularly and we sometimes have seasonal colors and patterns, so check back often.

Our Trilling Cat Cots are currently available for local pick-up only. If you are not local, please check back to see when we start shipping. Click here to see what is currently available.

Riley makes sure to get on her cot when the sun is in the right spot to keep her warm.
A big yawn from Riley! She enjoys relaxing in the sunbeam on her cot.
Stella likes to move the cot to where she feels hidden.
Stella is a shy kitty. She pushes her cot in the corner so she can monitor what's happening from a discreet location.
Our geriatric kitties find Trilling Cat cots to be very comfortable for their arthritic joints.
This frail little guy needed a break from his groom. The cot was a perfect resting spot. Good beds are a must for geriatric cats.
Two Maine coon cats each have a bed on the Trilling Cat double cot.
Rockin and Nova at Big Meow enjoy their double cot.
A Maine coon mother cat and her kittens on a Trilling Cat double cot.
Trilling Cat Cots can hold a mother and her entire litter of kittens. These Big Meow Maine coons give you an idea of how sturdy our cots are.
Cute cats in Trilling Cat Inn suite, one on cot and one in hiding box.
A couple of guests at the Trilling Cat Inn are enjoying the accommodations. As you can see the cot rates as one of the premium spots in their suite.
Maine coon cat Maggy enjoys watching out the window from the comfort of her cot.
A single cot with a view is rarely empty.
Maine coon cat Turbo hangs out on the cot in one of the Trilling Cat Inn suites.
With the girls hogging the upstairs cots, Turbo joined us in the Inn to use one of the cots in a suite. Sorry, Turbo, I'm afraid you'll have to give it up when our guest arrives!
Ragdoll leying upside down on a Trilling Cat Cot.
Brando was so excited when his mom bought him his own cot! He spends most of his nap time on it.
Maine coon cat Maggy finally gets a turn to sleep on the catio cot.
Maggy enjoys the shade of the bottom cot on sunny days.
Maine coon cat Turbo resting on the cot on the catio.
Turbo makes sure he gets a turn on the shaded cot.
Maine coon cat Vivo hanging out on the cot on the catio.
Vivo will always be sure to get her fair share of time on the catio and enjoying the cot! It's rarely empty during good bird watching weather.

Create a custom Trilling Cat Cot for your feline friend! Click here to see what fabrics and frame colors are currently available. We are only able to take orders for local pick up at this time. If you are not in our area, please check back to see when we will start shipping.

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